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Tom Ford
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Ford, Tom
Ford, Thomas J
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2023"Distal Radial First": Primary Access for Coronary Angiography and InterventionsCasinader, Sanjeev; Easey, Kelly; Mikhail, Philopatir ; Said, Christian ; May, Austin N ; Scott, David ; Boyle, Andrew; Ford, Tom 
2Jan-2023Targeted Therapies for Microvascular DiseaseBland, Adam ; Chuah, Eunice ; Meere, William ; Ford, Tom 
39-Oct-2022Coronary perforation incidence, outcomes and temporal trends (COPIT): a systematic review and meta-analysisMikhail, Philopatir ; Howden, Nicklas ; Monjur, Mohammad; Jeyaprakash, Prajith; Said, Christian ; Bland, Adam ; Collison, Damien; McCartney, Peter; Adamson, Carly; Morrow, Andrew; Carrick, David; McEntegart, Margaret; Ford, Tom 
44-Oct-2022Coronary Artery Perforations: Glasgow Natural History Study of Covered Stent Coronary Interventions (GNOCCI) StudyFord, Tom ; Adamson, Carly; Morrow, Andrew J; Rocchiccioli, Paul; Collison, Damien; McCartney, Peter J; Shaukat, Aadil; Lindsay, Mitchell; Good, Richard; Watkins, Stuart; Eteiba, Hany; Robertson, Keith; Berry, Colin; Oldroyd, Keith G; McEntegart, Margaret
527-Sep-2022The Australian New Zealand Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (ANZ-SCAD) Registry - A Multi-Centre Cohort Study: Protocol, Background and SignificanceKim, Sul Ki; Wing-Lun, Edwina; Chandrasekhar, Jaya; Puri, Aniket; Burgess, Sonya; Ford, Tom ; Kovacic, Jason; Graham, Robert M; Psaltis, Peter J; Zaman, Sarah
6May-2022International Hand Function Study Following Distal Radial Access: The RATATOUILLE StudyFord, Tom 
710-Jan-2022Acetylcholine (Re)challenge: From Diagnosis to Targeted TherapyFord, Tom ; Mikhail, Philopatir 
82022Radial Artery, Alternative Arm Access, and Related TechniquesFord, Tom ; Bamford, Paul ; Barlis, Peter; Said, Christian 
921-Nov-2021Clinical characteristics and prognosis of patients with microvascular angina: an international and prospective cohort study by the Coronary Vasomotor Disorders International Study (COVADIS) GroupShimokawa, Hiroaki; Suda, Akira; Takahashi, Jun; Berry, Colin; Camici, Paolo G; Crea, Filippo; Escaned, Javier; Ford, Tom ; Yii, Eric; Kaski, Juan Carlos; Kiyooka, Takahiko; Mehta, Puja K; Ong, Peter; Ozaki, Yukio; Pepine, Carl; Rimoldi, Ornella; Safdar, Basmah; Sechtem, Udo; Tsujita, Kenichi; Yasuda, Satoshi; Beltrame, John F; Merz, C Noel Bairey
10Jul-2021Proteasome inhibitor-induced coronary vasospasm in multiple myeloma: A case reportRogers, James ; Forsyth, Cecily J ; Ford, Tom ; Mikhail, Philopatir 
1122-Mar-2021"Vessels of Vessels": Linking Coronary Imaging With Physiology in INOCAFord, Tom ; Howden, Nicklas 
12Nov-2020Chest Pain With a ColdFord, Tom 
1314-Oct-2020Ultrathin-strut biodegradable polymer versus durable polymer drug-eluting stents: a meta-analysisMonjur, Mohammad Riashad ; Said, Christian ; Bamford, Paul ; Parkinson, Michael ; Ford, Tom 
14Aug-2020Assessment of Vascular Dysfunction in¬†Patients Without Obstructive Coronary¬†Artery Disease: Why, How, and WhenFord, Tom 
15Jul-2020Bias and Loss to Follow-Up in Cardiovascular Randomized Trials: A Systematic ReviewFord, Tom 
16Mar-2020Low-Dose Alteplase During Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention According to Ischemic TimeFord, Tom 
17Mar-2020Angina: contemporary diagnosis and managementFord, Tom 
18Feb-2020Sex differences in procedural and clinical outcomes following rotational atherectomyFord, Tom 
19Jan-2020Genetic dysregulation of endothelin-1 is implicated in coronary microvascular dysfunctionFord, Tom 
20Jan-20201-Year Outcomes of Angina Management Guided by Invasive Coronary Function Testing (CorMicA)Ford, Tom