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1Jan-2019The student experience of clinical supervision across health disciplines – Perspectives and remedies to enhance clinical placementDawson, Amanda O'Brien, A.McNeil, K.
2Jan-2020Spontaneous expulsion of a giant colonic lipomaHamer, Peter W Iqbal, R.
3Jun-2008Silent sinus syndrome due to a maxillary mucoceleShashinder, Singh Tan, T.Y.Subrayan, V.Krishnan, G.
4Jul-2020Sigmoid diverticulitis leading to Fournier's gangreneParkin, Cameron J Acland, George Ilie, Victor Clayton, Siobhan Merei, Jamal Latif, Edward 
5Jan-2019Remember to chew your foodPoon, Rita Agostinho, Nelson Bains, H.K.
68-Apr-2016Red hot chilli pepper! Intralingual dermoid cyst: a rare cause of neck swellingKam, Jonathan S Baek, E.S.Thomson, Neil 
7Feb-2019A rare case report of small bowel obstruction following colonoscopyKelly, Tetyana Liebenberg, Paul Cohen, Adrian 
8Jul-2019Rare case of spontaneous sub-umbilical endometriosis within an umbilical hernia in a 39-year-old femaleXavier, Joseph Buckland, Benjamin Stewart, Peter 
9Apr-2019Predicting the need for transfer and interventional angiography for patients with acute colonic haemorrhage in a regional settingSelf, Duncan Dilernia, Shannon Reece, M.
10Oct-2019Pelvic and caval thromboembolism secondary to a colouterine fistula: a rare phenomenonParkin, Cameron J Clayton, Siobhan Hou, Zhen 
11Jul-2023Parasitization of the pedicle: a rare form of TRAM flap recurrenceBinks, Matthew J Guo, CiCiSabanathan, DanushaSathasivam, SivapirabuEdirimanne, Senarath
12Mar-2007Outcome of patients presenting with preauricular sinus in a tertiary centre--a five year experienceShashinder, Singh Tang, I.P.Kuljit, S.Gopala, K.G.
13Jun-2009Outcome of patients presenting with idiopathic facial nerve paralysis (Bell's palsy) in a tertiary centre--a five year experienceShashinder, Singh Tang, I.P.Lee, S.C.Raman, R.
14Apr-2011Outcome and relative cost of transoral removal of submandibular calculiShashinder, Singh Morton, R.P.Ahmad, Z.
15Mar-2020A novel optimized initial cluster center and enhanced objective function: Medical diagnosis through classificationHaddad, Sami Subedi, B.Alsadoon, O.H.Alrubaie, A.
16Jun-2009Migrating foreign body into the common carotid artery and internal jugular vein--a rare caseShashinder, Singh Tang, I.P.Shoba, N.Rahmat, O.Shivalingam, S.Gopala, K.G.Khairuzzana, B.
17Oct-2019Laparoscopic removal of a toothpick perforating the upper rectumStewart, Peter Xavier, Joseph 
18Mar-2009Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma in a tertiary centre: ten-year experienceShashinder, Singh Tang, I.P.Gopala Krishnan, G.Narayanan, P.
19Mar-2018Isolated colonic hernia through the oesophageal hiatus causing gastric outlet obstructionSelf, Duncan Munro, William 
20Aug-2019An immersive orientation programme to improve medical student integration and well-beingShort, Brooke David, Michael Ryall, Mary-Ann Dawson, Amanda Lambeth, LouisePahalawatta, U.
21Oct-2018Hidden complication among a common condition: giant colonic diverticulumAgostinho, Nelson Bains, H.K.Lim, C.Yeh, D.
22Aug-2008Fracture synthetic tracheostomy tube: an ENT emergencyShashinder, Singh Tang, I.P.Kuljit, S.Muthu, K.Gopala, K.G.Jalaludin, M.A.
23Aug-2008Foreign body in the middle ear, a hearing aid complicationShashinder, Singh Tang, I.P.Velayutham, P.Rahmat, O.Loganathan, A.
24Oct-2020Fake news and fake research: Why meta-research matters more than everMcGee, Richard G Dawson, Amanda 
25Mar-2008Endoscopic orbital decompression for Graves' ophthalmopathyShashinder, Singh Tang, I.P.Prepageran, N.
262017A concealed small bowel perforation in an adult secondary to bicycle handlebar traumaGhosh, Simon C Nolan, G.J.Simpson, R.R.
272-Aug-2021Complete intraluminal Parietex™ mesh erosion and migration resulting in small bowel obstructionPoon, Rita Park, S. S. W.Cheah, H.
28May-2019Comparison of outcomes and analysis of risk factors for non-union in locked plating of closed periprosthetic and non-periprosthetic distal femoral fractures in a retrospective cohort studyKaram, James Campbell, Paul Hunter, Michael David, Michael 
29Mar-2021Can patient symptoms reliably predict major oesophageal motility disorders assessed by conventional water perfusion manometry?Hamer, Peter W Stranz, C.Watkinson, T.Cross, A.Roberts, R.
30Sep-2018Beaded appendixAgostinho, Nelson Whitcher, Simon Laura, Sharon E 
312-Sep-2021Atraumatic splenic rupture secondary to complicated diverticulitis with pelvic abscessFormosa, Haisley Chen, Paul Park, S. S. W.Cheah, H.
32Sep-2009Aneurysmal bone cyst of the maxillaShashinder, Singh Tang, I.P.Loganathan, A.Anura, M.M.Zakarya, S.Mun, K.S.

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1Jul-2023Parasitization of the pedicle: a rare form of TRAM flap recurrenceBinks, Matthew J Guo, CiCiSabanathan, DanushaSathasivam, SivapirabuEdirimanne, Senarath