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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2020Office hysteroscopy: back to the future!Mak, J N ; Imran, A; Burnet, S
Oct-2022An Ultrasound-based Prediction Model to Predict Ureterolysis during Laparoscopic Endometriosis SurgeryZanardi, José Vitor C; Rocha, Rodrigo M; Leonardi, Mathew; Wood, Demi L; Lu, Chuan; Uzuner, Cansu; Mak, Jason ; Condous, George
1-Jul-2022'Seeing is believing': arguing for diagnostic laparoscopy as a diagnostic test for endometriosisMak, Jason ; Leonardi, Mathew; Condous, George
1-Oct-2022Effectiveness of ultrasound for endometriosis diagnosisChen-Dixon, Katie; Uzuner, Cansu; Mak, Jason ; Condous, George
5-Jan-2023External Validation of the "2021 AAGL Endometriosis Classification": A Retrospective Cohort StudyMak, Jason ; Eathorne, Allie; Leonardi, Mathew; Espada, Mercedes; Reid, Shannon; Zanardi, Jose Vitor; Uzuner, Cansu; Rocha, Rodrigo; Armour, Mike; Condous, George
2-Mar-2023Intermittent phototherapy versus continuous phototherapy for neonatal jaundiceGottimukkala, Sasi Bhushan; Lobo, Lisha ; Gautham, Kanekal S; Bolisetty, Srinivas; Fiander, Michelle; Schindler, Tim
May-2022Family day care educators’ ability to support children’s mental wellbeing and the impact of COVID-19Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Old, Ashleigh; Hanstock, Tanya; Fitzpatrick, Sally
Jan-2023Timing of submissions to The Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health: Associations with the COVID-19 pandemic and editorial decisionsMcGee, Richard G ; Graves, Lara E; Barnett, Adrian
Nov-2022A comparison of two versus four sterile water injections for the relief of back pain in labour: A multicentre randomised equivalence trialLee, Nigel; Leiser, Bernadette ; Halter-Wehrli, Yvonne; Mårtensson, Lena B; Gao, Yu; Kildea, Sue
8-Dec-2022The associations between women who are immigrants, refugees, or asylum seekers, access to universal healthcare, and the timely uptake of antenatal care: A systematic reviewSaunders, Samantha ; Sutcliffe, Kerry L; McOrist, Nathan ; Levett, Kate M
15-Jul-2022A systematic review of patient-reported outcome measures in paediatric endocrinologyMcGee, Richard G ; Zhang, Edward Y B; Tan, Jennifer J G; Cheung, Aiden C K; Garvey, Matthew P
Jun-2022Shining a light on practice: Introducing the new Child and Family Health Nursing Professional Practice Framework (2022)Myors, Karen A ; Stevenson, Julie
Apr-2022Trends in the use of non-invasive respiratory support for term infants in tertiary neonatal units in Australia and New ZealandBuckmaster, Adam 
Mar-2022Association of Major Surgical Admissions With Quality of Life: 19-Year Follow-up of the Whitehall II Longitudinal Prospective Cohort StudyManning, Helen J 
Nov-2021An OxPLORE Initiative Evaluating Children's Surgery Resources Worldwide: A Cross-sectional Implementation of the OReCS DocumentHartley, Emma 
Oct-2021Unexpected cause of neonatal virilisationMcGee, Richard G 
Oct-2021An MRD-stratified pediatric protocol is as deliverable in adolescents and young adults as children with ALLWylie, Brenton 
Aug-2021Cost-Effectiveness of Nasal High Flow Versus CPAP for Newborn Infants in Special-Care NurseriesBuckmaster, Adam 
Jun-2021"My whole room went into chaos because of that thing in the corner": Unintended consequences of a central fetal monitoring systemFenwick, Jennifer 
Jun-2016Rare Case of Hepatic Gaucheroma in a Child on Enzyme Replacement TherapyOwens, Penny 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 71