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1Jan-2022Thirsty? Choose Water! Encouraging Secondary School Students to choose water over sugary drinks. A descriptive analysis of intervention componentsLewis, Peter R Gowland-Ella, Justine Kajons, Nicole Kingon, Nina David, M.Trinh, K.Louis, D.
2Jun-2018Thirsty? Choose Water! Behavioural interventions and water stations in secondary schools a two-by-two factorial randomised controlled trialKajons, Nicole David, Michael Gowland-Ella, Justine Lewis, Peter R Batchelor, Samantha 
310-Jul-2023Thirsty? Choose Water! A regional perspective to promoting water consumption in secondary school studentsKajons, Nicole Gowland-Ella, Justine Batchelor, Samantha Kingon, Nina David, Michael 
4Jun-2020Supporting visitor compliance with a smoke-free policy at hospital using a nicotine replacement therapy vending machineGiles, Luke Bauer, Lyndon 
5Oct-2021Scale-up of the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) intervention in secondary schools: 24-month implementation and cost outcomes from a cluster randomised controlled trialEvans, Nicole Sutherland, R.Campbell, E.McLaughlin, M.Nathan, N.Wolfenden, L.Lubans, D.R.Morgan, P.J.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Williams, M.Bailey, A.Boyer, J.Lecathelinais, C.Davies, L.McKenzie, T.Robertson, K.Wiggers, J.
6Aug-2020Scale-up of the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) intervention in secondary schools: 12-month implementation outcomes from a cluster randomized controlled trialKajons, Nicole Sutherland, R.Campbell, E.McLaughlin, M.Nathan, N.Wolfenden, L.Lubans, D.R.Morgan, P.J.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Williams, M.Bailey, A.Boyer, J.Lecathelinais, C.Davies, L.McKenzie, T.Hollis, J.Wiggers, J.
727-Sep-2021Revisiting Candidacy: What Might It Offer Cancer Prevention?Batchelor, Samantha Miller, Emma RLunnay, BelindaMacdonald, SaraWard, Paul R
8Apr-2009Restricting the retail supply of tobacco to minorsTutt, Douglas Bauer, Lyndon Difranza, J.
9Nov-2019Protocol for an effectiveness- implementation hybrid trial to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an m-health intervention to decrease the consumption of discretionary foods packed in school lunchboxes: the 'SWAP IT' trialEvans, Nicole Sutherland, R.Brown, A.Nathan, N.Janssen, L.Reynolds, R.Walton, A.Hudson, N.Chooi, A.Yoong, S.Wiggers, J.Bailey, A.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Rissel, C.Davies, M.Reilly, K.Cohen, B.McCallum, T.Wolfenden, L.
10Feb-2022Place of alcohol in the 'wellness toolkits' of midlife women in different social classes: A qualitative study in South AustraliaWard, Paul RFoley, KristenMeyer, Samantha BWilson, CarleneWarin, MeganBatchelor, Samantha Olver, Ian NThomas, Jessica AMiller, EmmaLunnay, Belinda
1130-May-2022The outcomes of Thirsty? Choose Water! Determining the effects of a behavioural and an environmental intervention on water and sugar sweetened beverage consumption in adolescents: A randomised controlled trialGowland-Ella, Justine Batchelor, Samantha David, Michael Lewis, Peter Kajons, Nicole 
12Dec-2019Optimisation: defining and exploring a concept to enhance the impact of public health initiativesBatchelor, Samantha Wolfenden, L.Bolsewicz, K.Grady, A.McCrabb, S.Kingsland, M.Wiggers, J.Bauman, A.Wyse, R.Nathan, N.Sutherland, R.Hodder, R.K.Fernandez, M.Lewis, C.Taylor, N.McKay, H.Grimshaw, J.Hall, A.Moullin, J.Albers, B.Attia, J.Milat, A.Bailey, A.Rissel, C.Reeves, P.Sims-Gould, J.Mildon, R.Doran, C.Yoong, S.L.
13Jun-2021A Multicomponent mHealth-Based Intervention (SWAP IT) to Decrease the Consumption of Discretionary Foods Packed in School Lunchboxes: Type I Effectiveness-Implementation Hybrid Cluster Randomized Controlled TrialEvans, Nicole Sutherland, R.Brown, A.Nathan, N.Yoong, S.Janssen, L.Chooi, A.Hudson, N.Wiggers, J.Kerr, N.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Davies, M.Reilly, K.Cohen, B.Wolfenden, L.
1416-May-2023A monitoring and site visit intervention to reduce sales to minors at packaged liquor outletsBartman, Hannah Bauer, Lyndon Kajons, Nicole Batchelor, Samantha Juel, Katrine 
15Apr-2023Importance of sequential methods in meta-analysis: implications for postoperative mortality, delirium, and stroke managementPayne, ThomasMoran, Benjamin L Loadsman, JohnMarschner, IanMcCulloch, TimSanders, Robert D
16Apr-2019Implementing and enforcing a smoke-free policy and by-law on hospital grounds at Central Coast Local Health DistrictGiles, Luke Bauer, Lyndon 
171-Aug-2022'I have a healthy relationship with alcohol': Australian midlife women, alcohol consumption and social classLunnay, BelindaFoley, KristenMeyer, Samantha BMiller, Emma RWarin, MeganWilson, CarleneOlver, Ian NBatchelor, Samantha Thomas, Jessica AWard, Paul R
18Jan-2021The frequency of urinary tract infections and the value of antiseptics in community-dwelling people who undertake intermittent urinary catheterisation: A systematic reviewMitchell, Brett Archbold, Jemma Robertson, Mark Prael, G.Curryer, C.Russo, P.L.Fasugba, O.Lowthian, J.Cheng, A.C.Kiernan, M.
19Aug-2018Five years of health promoting work with bottle shops on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. How can we best ensure outlets check ID?Bauer, Lyndon Smith, Jeff Kajons, Nicole Tutt, Douglas 
20Aug-2018Fall prevention in central coast community pharmaciesStuart, Gina M Kale, Helen L 
2113-Apr-2023Extending the sociology of candidacy: Bourdieu’s relational social class and mid‐life women’s perceptions of alcohol‐related breast cancer riskBatchelor, Samantha Lunnay, BelindaMacdonald, SaraWard, Paul R
226-Sep-2021Exploring and reorienting psychiatrists' attitudes regarding smoking cessation and its potential to improve mental health outcomes: a pilot studyShort, Brooke Giles, Luke Bauer, Lyndon Karageorge, A.
23Jan-2020The Experiences of Youth Mental Health Peer Workers over Time: A Qualitative Study with Longitudinal AnalysisBatchelor, Samantha Simmons, M.B.Grace, D.Fava, N.J.Coates, Dominiek Dimopoulos-Bick, Tara Howe, D.Montague, A.E.
246-Sep-2023Evaluating the scaling up of an effective implementation intervention (PACE) to increase the delivery of a mandatory physical activity policy in primary schoolsHall, AlixLane, CassandraWolfenden, LukeWiggers, JohnSutherland, RachelMcCarthy, NicoleJackson, RebeccaShoesmith, AdamLecathelinais, ChristopheReeves, PennyBauman, AdrianGillham, KarenBoyer, JamesNaylor, Patti-JeanKerr, Nicola Kajons, Nicole Nathan, Nicole
25Nov-2009Estimating consumer parenthood within mental health services: a census approachHowe, DebBatchelor, Samantha Bochynska, Katarzyna
2613-Sep-2023Development and piloting of a Community of Practice to support learning and improvement in health promotion practice within NSW local health districtBarnes, CourtneySutherland, RachelJones, GavinKingon, Nina Wolfenden, Luke
272021Deeply digital in shallow times: Writing communities in the shadow of the pandemicBrabazon, TaraArmstrong, ElizaBaker, NickyBatchelor, Samantha Brose, JulieCarpenter-Mew, RebeccaCollett, Maive JacksonCooper, AmandaGanzer, Sharon
28Jul-2019A cluster randomised trial of an intervention to increase the implementation of physical activity practices in secondary schools: study protocol for scaling up the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) programEvans, Nicole Sutherland, R.Campbell, E.Nathan, N.Wolfenden, L.Lubans, D.R.Morgan, P.J.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Williams, M.Bailey, A.Morrison, R.McLaughlin, M.Wiggers, J.
29Sep-2002Cannabis and driving: a new perspectiveBauer, Lyndon O'Kane, Carl Tutt, Douglas 
30Jun-2021Assessing the responses of smokers to requests to stop smoking on hospital groundsGiles, Luke Batchelor, Samantha Bauer, Lyndon 
31Aug-2020Adaptation of public health initiatives: expert views on current guidance and opportunities to advance their application and benefitBatchelor, Samantha Yoong, S.L.Bolsewicz, K.Grady, A.Wyse, R.Sutherland, R.Hodder, R.K.Kingsland, M.Nathan, N.McCrabb, S.Bauman, A.Wiggers, L.Moullin, J.Albers, B.Fernandez, M.E.Hall, A.Sims-Gould, J.Taylor, N.Rissel, C.Milat, A.Bailey, A.Attia, J.Wolfenden, L.