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114-May-2019Where's the bleed? A response to Piccini et al.'s: Management of major bleeding events in patients treated with rivaroxaban vs. warfarin: results from the ROCKET AF trialBamford, Paul Rogers, James 
222-Mar-2021"Vessels of Vessels": Linking Coronary Imaging With Physiology in INOCAFord, Tom Howden, Nicklas 
3Nov-2022Use of Videos by Health Care Professionals for Procedure Support in Acute Cardiac Care: A Scoping ReviewColgan, Jacqueline Kourouche, SarahTofler, GeoffreyBuckley, Thomas
4Aug-2016The uptake of coronary fractional flow reserve in Australia in the past decadeMay, Austin N Kull, Anthony Gunalingam, Brendan B Francis, J Lynn Lau, George T 
514-Oct-2020Ultrathin-strut biodegradable polymer versus durable polymer drug-eluting stents: a meta-analysisMonjur, Mohammad Riashad Said, Christian Bamford, Paul Parkinson, Michael Ford, Tom Szirt, R
6Jan-2023Targeted Therapies for Microvascular DiseaseBland, Adam Chuah, Eunice Meere, William 
7Dec-2018Systemic microvascular dysfunction in microvascular and vasospastic anginaFord, Tom Rocchiccioli, P.Good, R.McEntegart, M.Eteiba, H.Watkins, S.Shaukat, A.Lindsay, M.Robertson, K.Hood, S.Yii, E.Sidik, N.Harvey, A.Montezano, A.C.Beattie, E.Haddow, L.Oldroyd, K.G.Touyz, R.M.Berry, C.
8Dec-2018Stratified Medical Therapy Using Invasive Coronary Function Testing in Angina: The CorMicA TrialFord, Tom Stanley, B.Good, R.Rocchiccioli, P.McEntegart, M.Watkins, S.Eteiba, H.Shaukat, A.Lindsay, M.Robertson, K.Hood, S.McGeoch, R.McDade, R.Yii, E.Sidik, N.McCartney, P.Corcoran, D.Collison, D.Rush, C.McConnachie, A.Touyz, R.M.Oldroyd, K.G.
9Jun-2009Statin therapy and carotid endarterectomy: a review of trends in New South Wales, 1990-2004.[Erratum appears in ANZ J Surg. 2009 Sep;79(9):667]Robinson, David Ghaly, B.Hayen, A.Lusby, R.J.
10Feb-2018Stable coronary syndromes: pathophysiology, diagnostic advances and therapeutic needFord, Tom Corcoran, D.Berry, C.
11Feb-2019Small-Vessel Disease in the Heart and Brain: Current Knowledge, Unmet Therapeutic Need, and Future DirectionsFord, Tom Berry, C.Sidik, N.Pereira, A.C.Touyz, R.M.Kaski, J.C.Hainsworth, A.H.
12May-2018Single- Versus 2-Stent Strategies for Coronary Bifurcation Lesions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials With Long-Term Follow-upFord, Tom McCartney, P.Corcoran, D.Collison, D.Hennigan, B.McEntegart, M.Hildick-Smith, D.Oldroyd, K.G.Berry, C.
13Feb-2020Sex differences in procedural and clinical outcomes following rotational atherectomyFord, Tom Khan, A.Docherty, K.F.Jackson, A.Morrow, A.Sidik, N.Rocchiccioli, P.Good, R.Eteiba, H.Watkins, S.Shaukat, A.Lindsay, M.Robertson, K.Petrie, M.Berry, C.Oldroyd, K.G.McEntegart, M.
14Sep-2019Severe, Reversible Pulmonary Hypertension From Giant Pedunculated Left Atrial MyxomaBamford, Paul Lau, George Tat-Ming 
15Apr-2017Severe Dilatation of Coronary Artery Ostium Complicating Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm: Differential Diagnosis and Review of the LiteratureBamford, Paul Collins, N.
16Jun-2020Self-monitoring for recurrence of secondary atrial fibrillation following non-cardiac surgery or acute illness: A pilot studyRogers, Jim Touma, Ferris Lowres, N.Hillis, G.S.Gladman, M.A.Kol, M.Chow, V.Barnes, C.Auston, J.Freedman, B.
17Jun-2017Selective anti-scatter grid removal during coronary angiography and PCI: a simple and safe technique for radiation reductionFord, Tom Roy, J.R.Sun, P.Ison, G.Prasan, A.M.Hopkins, A.Ramsay, D.R.Weaver, J.C.
18Nov-2023Safety and care of no fasting prior to catheterization laboratory procedures: a non-inferiority randomized control trial protocol (SCOFF trial)Ferreira, DavidHardy, JackMeere, William Butel-Simoes, LloydMcGee, MichaelWhitehead, NicholasHealey, PaulFord, Tom Oldmeadow, ChristopherAttia, JohnWilsmore, Bradley Collins, NicholasBoyle, Andrew
19May-2019Revascularisation and mechanical circulatory support in patients with ischaemic cardiogenic shockFord, Tom Maznyczka, A.M.
20Feb-2017Recurrent contrast-induced encephalopathy following coronary angiographySpina, Roberto Simon, N.Markus, R.Muller, D.W.Kathir, K.
21Jul-2018Rationale and design of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Coronary Microvascular Angina (CorMicA) stratified medicine clinical trialFord, Tom Corcoran, D.Oldroyd, K.G.McEntegart, M.Rocchiccioli, P.Watkins, S.Brooksbank, K.Padmanabhan, S.Sattar, N.Briggs, A.McConnachie, A.Touyz, R.M.Berry, C.
22Oct-2021Randomized Evaluation of Beta Blocker and ACE-Inhibitor/Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Treatment for Post Infarct Angina in Patients With Myocardial Infarction With Non-obstructive Coronary Arteries: A MINOCA-BAT Sub Study Rationale and DesignMooney, John Pasupathy, S.Lindahl, B.Tavella, R.Nordenskjöld, A.M.Zeitz, C.Arstall, M.Worthley, M.Neil, C.Singh, K.Turner, S.Rajwani, A.Beltrame, J.
23Jul-2021Proteasome inhibitor-induced coronary vasospasm in multiple myeloma: A case reportRogers, James Forsyth, Cecily J Ford, Tom Mikhail, Philopatir 
24Sep-2017Primary percutaneous coronary intervention for inferior ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in a patient supported by the HeartWare left ventricular assist deviceSpina, Roberto Siriwardena, M.Bart, N.Namasivayam, M.Connellan, M.Jansz, P.Spratt, P.Hayward, C.S.Kotlyar, E.Gunalingam, Brendan B 
251-Jun-2023Practice standards for Australian cardiovascular nurses: An electronic Delphi studyColgan, Jacqueline Bromley, Patricia IreneMcIvor, DawnProctor, RossGreenwood, Melanie
26Dec-2019Post-operative myocardial infarction following aortic root surgery with coronary reimplantation: A case series treated with percutaneous coronary interventionFord, Tom Adamson, C.Rocchiccioli, P.Brogan, R.Berry, C.
27Dec-2017Physiological Predictors of Acute Coronary Syndromes: Emerging Insights From the Plaque to the Vulnerable PatientFord, Tom Berry, C.De Bruyne, B.Yong, A.S.CBarlis, P.Fearon, W.F.Ng, M.K.C.
2814-Aug-2023PCI in Management of Acute Type A Aortic Dissection Involving the Left Main Coronary ArteryPhilopatir, MikhailIshak, MarkSpina, Roberto Ford, Thomas JKull, Anthony 
29Nov-2019One-Year Outcomes of Angina Management Guided by Invasive Coronary Function Testing (CorMicA)Ford, Tom Stanley, B.Sidik, N.Good, R.Rocchiccioli, P.McEntegart, M.Watkins, S.Eteiba, H.Shaukat, A.Lindsay, M.Robertson, K.Hood, S.McGeoch, R.McDade, R.Yii, E.McCartney, P.Corcoran, D.Collison, D.Rush, C.Sattar, N.McConnachie, A.Touyz, R.M.Oldroyd, K.G.Berry, C.
30Nov-2016Nickel hypersensitivity reaction following Amplatzer atrial septal defect occluder device deployment successfully treated by explantation of the deviceSpina, Roberto Muller, D.W.M.Jansz, P.Gunalingam, Brendan B 
31Jun-2019A New Era for Rotational Atherectomy: An Australian PerspectiveBamford, Paul Parkinson, Michael David Gunalingam, Brendan B Lau, George Tat-Ming David, Michael 
32Apr-2020Mixed drug reaction to amiodarone characterized by sequential immediate, immune complex, and delayed hypersensitivityJain, Arunima Fernando, S.L.Li, J.Weir, C.Boyle, T.
332012Management of noncardiac chest pain in womenGill, Raghubinder S Collins, J.S.Talley, N.J.
34Mar-2020Low-Dose Alteplase During Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention According to Ischemic TimeFord, Tom McCartney, P.J.Maznyczka, A.M.Eteiba, H.McEntegart, M.Oldroyd, K.G.Greenwood, J.P.Maredia, N.Schmitt, M.McCann, G.P.Fairbairn, T.McAlindon, E.Tait, C.Welsh, P.Sattar, N.Orchard, V.Corcoran, D.Radjenovic, A.McConnachie, A.Berry, C.
35Apr-2019Large Bioprosthetic Aortic Valve Thrombi on DOACsBamford, Paul Rogers, James Kull, Anthony Bassin, L.
36Feb-2018A keen eye for riskFord, Tom Rocchiccioli, P.
37Dec-2019Ischemia and No Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease: Prevalence and Correlates of Coronary Vasomotion DisordersFord, Tom Yii, E.Sidik, N.Good, R.Rocchiccioli, P.McEntegart, M.Watkins, S.Eteiba, H.Shaukat, A.Lindsay, M.Robertson, K.Hood, S.McGeoch, R.McDade, R.McCartney, P.Corcoran, D.Collison, D.Rush, C.Stanley, B.McConnachie, A.Sattar, N.Touyz, R.M.Oldroyd, K.G.Berry, C.
388-Sep-2021Investigating the efficacy of chest pressure for direct current cardioversion in atrial fibrillation: a randomised control trial protocol (Pressure-AF)Mikhail, Philopatir Ferreira, D.McGee, M.Boyle, A.Sverdlov, A.William, Maged Jackson, N.Barlow, M.Leitch, J.Ford, Tom Collins, N.Wilsmore, B
395-Oct-2023Invasive Endotyping in Patients With Angina and No Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease: A Randomized Controlled TrialSidik, Novalia PStanley, BethanySykes, RobertMorrow, Andrew JBradley, Conor PMcDermott, MichaelFord, Tom Roditi, GilesHargreaves, AllisterStobo, DavidAdams, JacquelineByrne, JohnMahrous, AhmedYoung, RobinCarrick, DavidMcGeoch, RossCorcoran, DavidLang, Ninian NHeggie, RobertWu, OliviaMcEntegart, Margaret BMcConnachie, AlexBerry, Colin
40May-2022International Hand Function Study Following Distal Radial Access: The RATATOUILLE StudyFord, Tom Sgueglia, G.A.Hassan, A.Harb, S.Koliastasis, L.Milkas, A.Zappi, D.M.Navarro Lecaro, A.Ionescu, E.Rankin, S.Said, C.F.Kuiper, B.Kiemeneij, F.
41May-2019How to Diagnose and Manage Angina Without Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease: Lessons from the British Heart Foundation CorMicA TrialFord, Tom Berry, C.
42Jan-2020Genetic dysregulation of endothelin-1 is implicated in coronary microvascular dysfunctionFord, Tom Corcoran, D.Padmanabhan, S.Aman, A.Rocchiccioli, P.Good, R.McEntegart, M.Maguire, J.J.Watkins, S.Eteiba, H.Shaukat, A.Lindsay, M.Robertson, K.Hood, S.McGeoch, R.McDade, R.Yii, E.Sattar, N.Hsu, L.Y.Arai, A.E.Oldroyd, K.G.Touyz, R.M.Davenport, A.P.Berry, C.
43Jan-2019Effect of Low-Dose Intracoronary Alteplase During Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention on Microvascular Obstruction in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Randomized Clinical TrialFord, Tom McCartney, P.J.Eteiba, H.Maznyczka, A.M.McEntegart, M.Greenwood, J.P.Muir, D.F.Chowdhary, S.Gershlick, A.H.Appleby, C.Cotton, J.M.Wragg, A.Curzen, N.Oldroyd, K.G.Lindsay, M.Rocchiccioli, JShaukat, A.Good, R.Watkins, S.Robertson, K.Malkin, C.Martin, L.Gillespie, L.Petrie, M.C.Macfarlane, P.W.Tait, R.C.Welsh, P.Sattar, N.Weir, R.A.Fox, K.A.Ford, I.McConnachie, A.Berry, C.
4416-Aug-2022Early-onset post-cardiotomy severe constrictive pericarditis: a case reportMikhail, Philopatir Meere, William Howden, Nicklas Spina, Roberto 
45Mar-2023"Distal Radial First": Primary Access for Coronary Angiography and InterventionsCasinader, SanjeevEasey, KellyMikhail, Philopatir Said, Christian May, Austin N Scott, David Boyle, AndrewFord, Tom 
46Apr-2019Delayed diagnosis of right-sided valve endocarditis causing recurrent pulmonary abscesses: a case reportBamford, Paul Soni, Rajeev Kull, Anthony Bassin, L.
47Sep-2020Deferred Intravascular Lithotripsy-Facilitated Stenting in ACS: Novel Approach to Improve PCI Outcomes in Severe Calcification?Spina, Roberto Patel, S.Madhaven, M.V.Figtree, G.A.Galougahi, K.K.
489-Oct-2022Coronary perforation incidence, outcomes and temporal trends (COPIT): a systematic review and meta-analysisMikhail, Philopatir Howden, Nicklas Monjur, MohammadJeyaprakash, PrajithSaid, Christian Bland, Adam Collison, DamienMcCartney, PeterAdamson, CarlyMorrow, AndrewCarrick, DavidMcEntegart, MargaretFord, Tom 
494-Oct-2022Coronary Artery Perforations: Glasgow Natural History Study of Covered Stent Coronary Interventions (GNOCCI) StudyFord, Tom Adamson, CarlyMorrow, Andrew JRocchiccioli, PaulCollison, DamienMcCartney, Peter JShaukat, AadilLindsay, MitchellGood, RichardWatkins, StuartEteiba, HanyRobertson, KeithBerry, ColinOldroyd, Keith GMcEntegart, Margaret
50Mar-2024Computed tomographic angiography measures of coronary plaque in clinical trials: opportunities and considerations to accelerate drug translationHowden, Nicklas Branch, KDouglas, PGray, MBudoff, MDewey, MNewby, D ENicholls, S JBlankstein, RFathieh, SGrieve, S MFigtree, G A
51Mar-2021Combining structured and unstructured data in EMRs to create clinically-defined EMR-derived cohortsWilliam, Maged Tam, C.S.Gullick, J.Saavedra, A.Vernon, S.T.Figtree, G.A.Chow, C.K.Cretikos, M.Morris, R.W.Morris, J.Brieger, D.
5221-Nov-2021Clinical characteristics and prognosis of patients with microvascular angina: an international and prospective cohort study by the Coronary Vasomotor Disorders International Study (COVADIS) GroupShimokawa, HiroakiSuda, AkiraTakahashi, JunBerry, ColinCamici, Paolo GCrea, FilippoEscaned, JavierFord, Tom Yii, EricKaski, Juan CarlosKiyooka, TakahikoMehta, Puja KOng, PeterOzaki, YukioPepine, CarlRimoldi, OrnellaSafdar, BasmahSechtem, UdoTsujita, KenichiYasuda, SatoshiBeltrame, John FMerz, C Noel Bairey
538-May-2023Chronic Digoxin Toxicity: An Evaluation of Digoxin-Specific Antibodies and Other Management OptionsClifford, Liam M Meere, William 
54Nov-2020Chest Pain With a ColdFord, Tom Morrow, A.J.McEntegart, M.
55Jan-2023Challenges in the management of post-pericardiotomy syndromesMikhail, Philopatir Spina, Roberto 
56Dec-2020The cardiovascular effects of exposure to particulate matter from bushfire smoke in patients with pre-existing cardiovascular diseaseColgan, Jacqueline Efraemson, D.Greenwood, M.
57Jun-2021Cardiac Myeloid Sarcoma: A 1-kg HeartBamford, Paul Gardiner, Kelsey E William, Maged Parkinson, M.D.Bailey, K.
58Jul-2019Cangrelor versus Ticagrelor in Patients Treated with Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Impact on Platelet Activity, Myocardial Microvascular Function and Infarct Size: A Randomized Controlled TrialFord, Tom Ubaid, S.Berry, C.Murray, H.M.Wrigley, B.Khan, N.Thomas, M.R.Armesilla, A.L.Townend, J.N.Khogali, S.S.Munir, S.Martins, J.Hothi, S.S.McAlindon, E.J.Cotton, J.M.
59Jul-2020Bias and Loss to Follow-Up in Cardiovascular Randomized Trials: A Systematic ReviewFord, Tom Fong, L.C.W.da Costa, B.R.Juni, P.Berry, C.
60May-2018Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty in the Transcatheter Valve Era: Single Centre Indications and Early Safety Data in a High Risk PopulationFord, Tom Nguyen, K.Brassil, J.Kushwaha, V.Friedman, D.Allan, R.Pitney, M.Jepson, N.
6127-Sep-2022The Australian New Zealand Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (ANZ-SCAD) Registry - A Multi-Centre Cohort Study: Protocol, Background and SignificanceKim, Sul KiWing-Lun, EdwinaChandrasekhar, JayaPuri, AniketBurgess, SonyaFord, Tom Kovacic, JasonGraham, Robert MPsaltis, Peter JZaman, Sarah
62Aug-2020Assessment of Vascular Dysfunction in Patients Without Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease: Why, How, and WhenFord, Tom Ong, P.Sechtem, U.Beltrame, J.Camici, P.G.Crea, F.Kaski, J.C.Bairey Merz, C.N.Pepine, C.J.Shimokawa, H.Berry, C.
63Aug-2018Arterial Access for Invasive Coronary Angiography: The 'Left Backhander'Ford, Tom McEntegart, M.Berry, C.Oldroyd, K.G.
64Nov-2021Aortic Valve Replacement Rates in Australia from 2004 to 2019Said, Christian Bamford, Paul Al-Omary, M.S.Al-Omary, M.S.Bhagwandeen, R.Boyle, A.
65Mar-2020Angina: contemporary diagnosis and managementFord, Tom Berry, C.
6610-Jan-2022Acetylcholine (Re)challenge: From Diagnosis to Targeted TherapyFord, Tom Mikhail, Philopatir 
67Aug-20195-Fluorouracil-induced acute coronary syndromeWilliam, Maged Das, S.K.Das, A.K.
68Jan-20201-Year Outcomes of Angina Management Guided by Invasive Coronary Function Testing (CorMicA)Ford, Tom Stanley, B.Sidik, N.Good, R.Rocchiccioli, P.McEntegart, M.Watkins, S.Eteiba, H.Shaukat, A.Lindsay, M.Robertson, K.Hood, S.McGeoch, R.McDade, R.Yii, E.McCartney, P.Corcoran, D.Collison, D.Rush, C.Sattar, N.McConnachie, A.Touyz, R.M.Oldroyd, K.G.Berry, C.

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